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Connecting to Made Tech - VPN

Made Tech pay per MB for the usage of this VPN, therefore, please limit your usage to work only i.e no streaming videos

This is a guide to connect to the Made Tech Virtual Private Network (VPN).


  • Ensure you have the Default profile installed by checking System Preferences > Profiles. If you do not have this profile, please contact the ISMS team for assistance.
  • Open Network Preferences. You can do this by clicking on the WiFi icon in the menu bar or by doing a Spotlight Search. You should see a screen that looks like the image below.


Notice the Made Tech - VPN. This should automatically be there. Select the VPN.


Everything should already be configured. Check Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar for convenience (optional). Click Connect.


  • The Username should be the local-part of your Made Tech email address
    • For example, if your email address was, your username would be jsmith
  • The Password should be the same as your G Suite password
  • Click OK

That is it! You should now be connected to the Made Tech - VPN. If you are experiencing any problems, please contact the ISMS team.




  1. If you are using the GNOME version, first install the dependencies
# for GNOME
sudo dnf install NetworkManager-libreswan-gnome xl2tpd
  1. Then you should be able to go to settings > networking and click the '+' add button


  • Select the Layer2 Tunneling Prootocol (L2TP)
  1. Main settings


  • Enter the Gateway as
  • Your username (the local-part of your Made Tech email address before
    • When prompted for password, you will have to enter your G Suite password
  1. Click the IPsec Settings.. button


  • Check the top checkbox and enter the shared secret (this will be provided to you)
  • Click OK
  1. Click the PPP settings.. button


  • Uncheck all auth methods except PAP
  • Click OK and Apply
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