RyanMacG and craigjbass Update scheduling around Comradros and Retros (#183)
* Update scheduling around Comradros and Retros

Unless things have changed very recently the guidance around when retros
and Comradrospectives should happen seemed out of date. This should
update it to be more inline with what was the norm while I was at Made

* Add some flexibility

Learned about some changes
Latest commit 7fbe08f Sep 4, 2018


Team Norms

We have a number of team norms that have evolved (and continue to evolve!) as practices that we've found effective in building and scaling agile teams.

Delivery Standards

Our accepted practices for structuring deliveries.

Delivery Healthcheck

Our expected reporting standards for delivery teams.

Development Practices

Our accepted development standards.

Continuous Feedback

Our way of soliciting feedback from and with our peers.

Retrospectives and Comradrospectives

Our methods of running team-wide and company-wide retrospectives.