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Intro to Code

Programs to install before setting up

Setup instructions

  1. Open the terminal on your computer. This will be called on macOS.

  2. Run a command in your terminal to create a folder on your computer to store code.

mkdir -p ~/code
  1. Move the terminal to that new folder.
cd ~/code
  1. Use git to copy the code from this repository to your computer.
git clone

It will be placed inside ~/code/intro-to-code.

How to run the greeter program

  1. Open the terminal on your computer.

  2. Using the terminal, go to the project folder you created before.

cd ~/code/intro-to-code
  1. Run the greeter.rb program in the terminal.
ruby greeter.rb

How to change the code

  1. Open Atom.

  2. Open the project folder (File -> Add Project Folder)

  3. Open the greeter.rb file.

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