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An app to select people to go for lunch.

Installation for Development

  • You need to have Yarn installed (brew install yarn)
  • Move into the lunchinator directory
  • Run yarn
  • Need to populate a .env file; please look at the sample for for an example.

Setup Test/Dev Databases

We are using PostgreSQL to store information. You need to have two databases locally.

  • Ensure PostgreSQL is installed and running (brew install postgresql and brew services start postgresql).
  • Using psql postgres do the following:
  • CREATE DATABASE lunchinator_dev; CREATE DATABASE lunchinator_test;
  • Grant permission for your user: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE lunchinator_dev TO $USER and GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE lunchinator_test TO $USER; (replacing $USER with your username from whoami)
  • Then run yarn run migrate up for development and yarn run migrate-test up for test

Using Slack App in Development

We use ngrok to route traffic from the internet to our machine. See guide:

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