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Automates the "Connect okta to a single AWS instance" described by okta docs
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Terraform to automate the setup "connect okta to a single AWS instance" steps described here


  • Terraform 0.12.*


  1. Clone this repository

  2. SAML.xml

Okta generates an XML file custom to your Okta account. . You will have to supply this file in the project root with the file name SAML.xml To do this:

  • First add the Add Amazon Web Services application from you okta admin console console https://<MY-TEAM-NAME>
  • On the second page select SAML 2.0
  • Below the yellow box with the view setup instructions button right-click Identity Provider metadata and save the file to this project root with the name SAML.xml
  1. This project namespaces its resources. Part of its naming convention is to use workspace names
  • Run terraform workspace new production
  • This will create names such as auth-production-okta-saml
  • if this step is skipped names will look like auth-default-okta-saml
  1. Run terraform init and then terraform apply

  2. Once terraform finishes it will output the needed values to plug into the okta setup i.e

access-key = *****************
iam-role-name = **************
identity-provider-arn = arn:aws:iam::************:saml-provider/auth-production-okta-saml
secret-key = ****************************************
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