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Python Lunch Rota

A picker for random lunches taking into account the previous people who have been

Environment variables

    • The token provided by the Slack "Slash Commands" which is sent to API Gateway
    • The ID of the Google Sheet to download as a CSV
    • This has to be a publically available sheet, and the names need to be in one column
    • You can get this from the shareable url:

Team members

Team members are pulled from Google Docs inside the TeamMembersGateway

Picking the next batch

How it works

This will genreate a shuffled list of 8 people per week, excluding those who have already been per cycle.

Example: Given 20 people, 8 people per week.

  • Week 1: 8 picked, 12 remaining
  • Week 2: 8 picked, 4 remaining, 8 excluded
  • Week 3:
    • Remaining 4 picked
    • Put everyone else back into pool
    • Pick additional 4 required
    • Overall: 8 picked, 12 remaining

To ensure consistent results, random is provided with a seed.

What could cause results to change

Anything which causes random.shuffle() to receive anything different, will cause the lunchers for the weeks to change.

The most common cause for this change will be new team members being added.

Slack integration

This is deployed to AWS Lambda w/ APi Gateway then linked to a Slack slash command.

When you use a slash command with post - it sends the token in the post body which is checked in the Lambda handler. The token required is set by the SLACK_TOKEN environment variable.