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#Jenkins CI Traffic Light for Raspberry Pi

Once a complete circuit has been made this script that will will emulate a traffic light for your overall jenkins build status, Green for all passed, Amber (flashing) for building and Red for a failure.

Currently the only authorisation method supported is basic http authentication.


  • Raspbian “wheezy” > 2013-05-25
  • Ruby == 1.9.3
  • Rubygems

If you don't have Ruby installed on your Pi follow this guide


  • gem install bundler if you don't already have it installed
  • bundle install
  • Rename sample_config.rb to config.rb
  • Enter your credentials, and server url
  • Specify Authentication method, either :basic or :password
  • Set GPiO pin numbers
  • Setup circuit
  • run ruby jenkins.rb

###Circuit Diagram Jenkins CI Traffic Light for Raspberry Pi Circuit Diagram

###License Licensed under New BSD License

###To Do

  • Add more auth methods
  • Add "back off" for http connection error