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A clasnames component wrapper to speed up styling React components
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classnames-components npm version

A CSS class component wrapper to speed up styling React components

Heavily inspired by the great css-in-js library styled-components, all credits where credits due. This module is a component wrapper around classnames.

This project is README-driven and WIP. The basic functionality works.


yarn add classnames-components


npm i classnames-components

Basic usage

You can play around with a CodeSandbox example here.

Because we're using classnames, you have a lot of flexibility.

import cc from 'classnames-components';

// using arguments
const Header = cc('h1')('font-sans', 'text-3xl');

// using an array
const Intro = cc('p')(['font-serif', 'text-base', 'leading-relaxed']);

// using a string
const Wrapper = cc('section')('container mx-auto px-4');

// using an object
const Button = cc('button')({
  'color-gray-500': true,
  'font-serif': true,

const MyComponent = () => (
    <Header>A title</Header>
    <Intro>A nice intro</Intro>

export default MyComponent;

more examples here

Based on props

Props are available by using a function as second param.

const Button = cc('button')(props => [
    'color-red-500': props.type === ButtonType.ERROR,
    'color-gray-500': props.type === ButtonType.DEFAULT,

const MyComponent = () => (
    <Button type={ButtonType.ALERT}>An alert button</Button>
    <Button type={ButtonType.DEFAULT}>A default button</Button>

export default MyComponent;

Adding styling to existing classnames-component (not implemented yet)

const Text = cc('p')('font-sans');

// create a new classnames-component starting from Text
const Paragraph = cc(Text)('text-base leading-relaxed');

Changing semantics (not implemented yet)

You can use as to overwrite the semantics of the element.

const Text = cc('p')('font-sans');

const MyComponent = props => <Text {...props} as={'div'} />;

export default MyComponent;



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