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Please help me about why my compilation failed. I just didn't understand anything said in output :D (They are all Greek to me). Here it is;


I'm afraid I don't understand it either, sorry.


Support for AM_CONFIG_HEADER, AM_PROG_CC_STDC has been removed since automake 1.13, you need to change these to AC_CONFIG_HEADERS, AC_PROG_CC respectively. I composed the patch for the change (not verified if causes OK build, since there are further failures).

Further the automake fails with:
runtime/ error: support for Cygnus-style trees has been removed

You cannot use AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = cygnus in wine-mono-0.0.8/mono/runtime/ anymore. I don't know how to workaround that.


Thank you for the information. It looks like that has been addressed upstream by the mono project, and so the next merge should pull in the fixes. A new wine-mono release would be required to address this for most people, so I don't think it's worth cherry-picking mono's fixes right now.


I believe the new wine-mono users in Arch need some solution right now, so I would try to compose a patch, which fixes the build until the next release.
This upstream commit should be related to the issue:
The correction for macro name in three files is not in the commit though. I composed a patch (updated, which at least lets wine-mone to build. Now I am not quite versed with mono in wine, I do not even use it (or don't know about that ;) ) - is there an easy way to verify if the build is generally ok?


Compile Wikipedia's Hello World C# example ( with mcs or gmcs, then try to run the resulting executable with Wine.


Ok, the test pass. Thank you! The AUR package is already patched:

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