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Transpiler from Solidity to Ligo language for easier migrating to Tezos 🚀️

This project is Solidity to LIGO syntax converter and transpiler. It takes a .sol file as an input, parses it and yields PascalLIGO code as a result. It is able to convert conditionals, loops, functions and many more. Also it can emulate state and create router for multple entrypoints.

The project is in EXPERIMENTAL: it may crash or silently skip some statements, resulting code may be insecure or even plain wrong. Please do not deploy anything without prior review and audit.

📖️ Example

Input solidity code

contract FooBarContract {
  function foo(uint number) internal returns (int) {
    string[2] memory arr = ["hello", "world"];
    bool isEven = number % 2 == 0;
    int result = 42 * 42;
    return isEven ? -1 : result;

Translated LIGO code

function foo (const self : state; const number : nat) : (state * int) is
  block {
    const arr : map(nat, string) = map
      0n -> "hello";
      1n -> "world";
    const isEven : bool = ((number mod 2n) = 0n);
    const result : int = (42 * 42);
  } with (self, (case isEven of | True -> -(1) | False -> result end));

📚️ More examples

To further check out what this utility can produce, please refer to examples directory and Readme there:

🏗️ Installation

You need to have NodeJS installed on your machine. It was tested and developed using NodeJS v.10.13.0, but it’s expected to work on versions starting from v6.x.x up to v12.x.x

We suggest using node version manger (like nvm)

curl -o- | bash
# relogin or source ~/.bashrc
nvm i 12

To try it out you will need Node.js, NPM and Iced Coffee Script

npm i -g iced-coffee-script
npm i -g madfish-solutions/sol2ligo

Optional. You can install ligo compiler for tests

curl -o /tmp/ligo.deb
dpkg -i /tmp/ligo.deb

🌈️ Usage

sol2ligo <filename>

After transpiling you are likely gonna need to modify and thorougly audit the generated code. Follow transpiler warnings and comments inside the code to get more insight on what has to be done.

🏥️ Tests

You need clone github repository and install packages

git clone
cd sol2ligo
npm ci

For full test run

npm test 

For quick testing run (requires ligo)

npm run test-ext-compiler-fast

To run specific test case

npm run test-specific <test-name>

Other tests

# same as test, but excluding solidity_samples
npm run test-fast
# same ast test-ext-compiler-fast, but with solidity_samples (usually produces a lot of ligo errors)
npm run test-ext-compiler
# special tests with launch ligo dry-run (head-to-head compare ligo result vs eth ganache result)
npm run test-emulator

⚒ Using sol2ligo as a node module

To add sol2ligo as a dependency, you need to install Iced Coffee Script first:

npm i -g iced-coffee-script
npm i madfish-solutions/sol2ligo

Then use sol2ligo.compile function like this:

const sol2ligo = require("sol2ligo");

  pragma solidity ^0.5.12;
  contract FooBarContract {
    function foo(uint number) internal returns (int) {
      string[2] memory arr = ["hello", "world"];
      bool isEven = number % 2 == 0;
      int result = 42 * 42;
      return isEven ? -1 : result;
  }`, {
    // you can specify compilation options here

The second argument opt is optional. It's an object that can have these possible fields:

  solc_version: String,           //                            override solc version specified in pragma
  suggest_solc_version: String,   // (default: 0.4.26)          suggested solc version if pragma is not specified
  auto_version: Boolean,          // (default: true)            setting this to false disables reading solc version from pragma
  allow_download: Boolean,        // (default: true)            download solc catalog
  router: Boolean,                // (default: true)            generate router
  contract: String,               // (default: <last contract>) name of contract to generate router for
  replace_enums_by_nats: Boolean, // (default: true)            transform enums to number constants
  debug: Boolean                  // (default: false)           self explanatory

When deciding which Solidity compiler version to use, solc_version has the highest priority. If solc_version is not specified, sol2ligo uses solc version from the pragma directive in sol_code. If pragma is absent too, or if auto_version is set to false, suggest_solc_version, which has the least priority, will be used.

If allow_download is false and no necessary solc version is found in the solc catalog, compilation fails with an error.

The function returns an object with the following fields:

  errors: Array,
  warnings: Array,
  ligo_code: String,
  default_state: String,
  prevent_deploy: Boolean

📑️ Documentation

Check out wiki for the knowledge base




⌨️ 🔮 Transpiler from Solidity to PascalLIGO language







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