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@madgrizzle madgrizzle released this Oct 4, 2019 · 291 commits to master since this release

Update: Win32 versions added.

Update: I added avrdude to the installation so I'm hopeful firmware updates will now work. 32-bit Win versions will be added later (my vm was stuck in an update loop)

This set of releases is for testing purposes. Basic functionality is the same as previous version (v0.904) but this version includes the ability to download and update webcontrol if a new version is available. I'd appreciate people giving this a test if they are inclined.

NOTE: This version will ALWAYS say that an update is available. For testing purposes, I set the internal version number to 0.904 though I set the release to 0.906. Therefore, WebControl will always think that a new version is available. When I release for final, they will be consistent and only notify an upgrade is available if there is a new release.

ANOTHER NOTE: Depending upon the system, it might take a bit to perform the update. RPI will likely take the longest. It has to download the release, decompress it, and then restart it. It does this using scripts so just sit back and relax for a minute before trying to see if something is wrong. If it does work, your browser should automatically reconnect with the updated WebControl when its running.

REAL IMPORTANT NOTE: Saving best for last. To facilitate the upgrade of WebControl, the files extract into the current directory. So, make a directory for the program (e.g., ~\WebControl) and CD into it (i.e., CD ~\WebControl) and then unzip/untar the files. Otherwise you can end up with a mess in a directory you weren't planning on messing up.

For those that need to know how to untar (using linux single directory release as an example):

tar -zxvf webcontrol-0.906-linux-singledirectory.tar.gz

There may (likely) be better ways to do this, so if you know, please post an issue here and let me know how to do it.

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