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Would like to thank gmate

My Gedit Settings

These are the plugins, snippets, styles I am using with gedit which makes my development much easier.


Just run the It will copy all the plugins and snippets to /gnome2/gedit/ Language specs are copied to gtksourceview folder (/.local/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/) Once you have run the install file, restart your gedit.


  • Gedit Open File. Regex based file open (like textmate Go to file…).
  • Reopen Tabs. Saves opened tabs on exit to restore them on next run.
  • Word Completion. Word completion plugin.
  • align. Lets you arrange blocks of text into columns easily and quickly
  • completion. Complete words with the enter key
  • filebrowser. Easy file access from the side pane
  • terminal. Gives an option to open terminal on right click
  • snippets. Insert often-used pieces of text in a fast way
  • gedit_openfiles. Opens files by search terms
  • reopen-tabs. Saves opened tabs on exit to restore them on next run
  • smart_highlight. Highlighing all occerences of the selected text.
  • pair_char_completion. Automatically insert closing quotes and parenthesis
  • tabswitch. Allows to ctrl+tab-switch between documents

Note: All plugins are enabled by default.

Language specs and Mime Types

  • Basic YAML Syntax Highlight
  • CoffeeScript Syntax Highlight
  • ColdFusion Syntax Highlight
  • Cucumber Syntax Highlight
  • Groovy and gsp Support (Included bundle created by Aaron Eischeid)
  • HAML Syntax Highlight
  • Markdown Syntax Highlight
  • reStructuredText Syntax Highlight
  • rhtml/erb Syntax Highlight
  • Ruby on Rails improvements
  • SASS Syntax Highlight
  • JSON Syntax highlight
  • Jade syntax highlight


  • Railscasts Improved