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Nodejs Express Mongoose Demo

This is a demo node.js application illustrating various features used in everyday web development, with a fine touch of best practices. The demo app is a blog application where users (signing up using facebook, twitter, github and simple registrations) can create an article, delete an article and add comments on the article.


Want to build something from scratch? use the boilerplate



$ git clone git://
$ npm install

NOTE: Do not forget to set the facebook, twitter, google, linkedin and github CLIENT_IDs and SECRETs. In development env, you can set the env variables by doing

cp .env.example .env

and replace the values there. In production env, it is not safe to keep the ids and secrets in a file, so you need to set it up via commandline. If you are using heroku checkout how environment variables are set here.

If you want to use image uploads, don't forget to set these env variables for imager config.



$ npm start

Then visit http://localhost:3000/


$ npm test