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A demo app for omniauth with authlogic

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OmniAuth with Authlogic demo

Omniauth is a pretty simple solution if you want your users to authenticate using oauth and openid providers. Here I am using authlogic to manage the user sessions and omniauth to do the external authentication.

Set up

I have tested this with rails 2.3.11 (rails 2.3.8 gives some issues, sorry can't remember which)

Unfortunately omniauth doesn't support 2.3.x (according to this omniauth/issues/244#issuecomment-1055851 ), but there are some workarounds which I have added, refer changelog

gem install bundler
git clone git://
bundle install
rake db:migrate

Important : Dont forget to replace your oauth,openid keys and secret in config/initializers/omniauth.rb.

The demo app is at

In the demo app, after authenticating, in the edit profile, you can associate multiple providers with your account.


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