GNU Hurd : GNU/Linux compatible procfs pseudo-filesystem
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1. Introduction

  This program is called procfs, the /proc translator. This 
program provides a GNU/Linux compatible /proc pseudo file-
system on GNU Hurd. This is called a translator since it
translates the process related information stored in the 
MACH Microkernel which is made available through the proc
server and the libps library into a virtual filesystem.

2. Goal

  The major goal of writing this translator was to make the
process related tools like pgrep, pkill, kill which are 
packaged in procps, killall, pstree which are packaged in
psmisc and various other process related tools that rely
on GNU/Linux's /proc filesystem to run out of the box on

3. Install

  To install this translator you can simply do the following.
Just cd to the directory named src in the root of the tree of 
the translator source code. Just type

$ make

This builds the translator. After building the translator, you
get a binary named procfs. You need to set it as a translator.
To do so you can type the following command from the src dir-
ectory where you built the translator

$ settrans -fgap /proc procfs

Viola! You are done setting up the translator. Now in case you
want to use the debian hurd binaries to work with tools like
pgrep, pkill, kill, htop etc, you can just download the binaries
which I have uploaded here:

The patches to the source packages will be made available soon.