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Linking blogger RSS feeds into a django app
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Todo: Need a new name... shouldn't call it django-blogger because someone
else already did

Is essentially a pubsubhubbub subscriber for an already existing blogger blog.
My use case is that I want to use blogger's tools to create and manage posts
but I want the blog to be part of a larger website on the same domain.

This app lets me just plug my blog into the larger project.


Add "blogger" to your installed app's and add in the following URL conf:

    (r'^blogs/', include('blogger.urls', namespace='blogger'))

Add BLOGGER_OPTIONS dictionary to your settings. You need at least a
'blog_id' declared in the BLOGGER OPTIONS

run ./ addsubscription, enter the hostname you're site is running on
and you should be good to go.

If you're running on a local environment, the subscription stuff won't work
because the real hub can't ping your computer.

To get your blog synced, run ./ syncblog

Please note that as this uses the RSS feed it does not download the entire
blog archive. The point for this app is to link in to a blog from a current
point. By default, blogger sends the last 25 posts.

Blogger publishes the feed (I think) using the
``<blog_name>``. This is what you should
use as the 'topic_url' when creating your subscription.

There is a template tag to provide a template with recent posts that
required Django>=1.4 because it uses the new assignment tag.

  Change management commands to not use the "blog_id" from settings and instead
  just use the subscription topic_url.
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