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Kickstart django app with twitter bootstrap
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Helps kickstart your django app using the awesome twitter bootstrap library.

As of version 3.0.1 Django 1.5+ is recommended. The sample app will only work with django 1.5+, but the actual bootstrap stuff should work just fine.


>>> pip install djbootstrap

Just add djbootstrap to your INSTALLED_APPS


base.html template

Use it if you feel like it. Just sets up some boilerplate.

bootstrapped_form template tag

Renders your form all pretty like using bootstrapped_form.html the bootstrap css classes and such.

{% load bootstrap_tags %}
{% bootstrapped_form my_form %}


A simple template snipped to render django's messages output using bootstrap alerts

Activate Template Tag

Tells you if the page you're on is the active page. Requires 'request' context processor


{% url namespace:some_url as the_url %}
<li class="{% activate the_url %}"><a href="{{ the_url }}"></li>
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