Go language metadata layer for OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project builds
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OpenEmbedded/Yocto layer for Go language support

PLEASE NOTE: Starting with OE-Core 'rocko'
(Yocto Project 2.4), Go support is available
directly in OE-Core, and meta-golang is no
longer under active development.

Converting to OE-Core's Go support

1. Change `inherit golang` to `inherit go`.

2. Set the `S` variable, usually to `"${WORKDIR}/git"`.
   The `go.bbclass` does not set `S` for you.

3. Set the `GO_IMPORT` variable to the import path
   of the Go package being built.  In most cases, this
   is the same as what you set `GO_SRCROOT` when using
   `inherit golang`.

4. Source file/path references are now based off
   `${B}` instead of `${B}/src`.  If you used
   `${GO_SRCROOT}` with your meta-golang-based recipes,
   recplacing that with `src/${GO_IMPORT}` is usually

5. If you used multiple repositories in your `SRC_URI`
   for 'vendoring' in other packages, you will need
   to change the `destsuffix=` parameter for the
   vendored packages from `${GO_SRCROOT}` to