A collection of common regular expressions bundled with an easy to use interface.
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Find all times, dates, links, phone numbers, emails, ip addresses, prices, hex colors, and credit card numbers in a string. We did the hard work so you don't have to.

Pull requests welcome!


Install via pip

sudo pip install commonregex

or via setup.py

python setup.py install


>>> from commonregex import CommonRegex
>>> parsed_text = CommonRegex("""John, please get that article on www.linkedin.com to me by 5:00PM 
                               on Jan 9th 2012. 4:00 would be ideal, actually. If you have any 
                               questions, You can reach me at (519)-236-2723x341 or get in touch with
                               my associate at harold.smith@gmail.com""")
>>> parsed_text.times
['5:00PM', '4:00']
>>> parsed_text.dates
['Jan 9th 2012']
>>> parsed_text.links
>>> parsed_text.phones
>>> parsed_text.phones_with_exts
>>> parsed_text.emails

Alternatively, you can generate a single CommonRegex instance and use it to parse multiple segments of text.

>>> parser = CommonRegex()
>>> parser.times("When are you free?  Do you want to meet up for coffee at 4:00?")

Finally, all regular expressions used are publicly exposed.

>>> from commonregex import email
>>> import re
>>> text = "...get in touch with my associate at harold.smith@gmail.com"
>>> re.sub(email, "anon@example.com", text)
'...get in touch with my associate at anon@example.com'
>>> from commonregex import time
>>> for m in time.finditer("Does 6:00 or 7:00 work better?"):
>>>     print m.start(), m.group()     
5 6:00 
13 7:00 

Please note that this module is currently English/US specific.

Supported Methods/Attributes

  • obj.dates, obj.dates()
  • obj.times, obj.times()
  • obj.phones, obj.phones()
  • obj.phones_with_exts, obj.phones_with_exts()
  • obj.links, obj.links()
  • obj.emails, obj.emails()
  • obj.ips, obj.ips()
  • obj.ipv6s, obj.ipv6s()
  • obj.prices, obj.prices()
  • obj.hex_colors, obj.hex_colors()
  • obj.credit_cards, obj.credit_cards()
  • obj.btc_addresses, obj.btc_addresses()
  • obj.street_addresses, obj.street_addresses()

CommonRegex Ports:

[CommonRegexJS] (https://github.com/talyssonoc/CommonRegexJS)

[CommonRegexScala] (https://github.com/everpeace/CommonRegexScala)

[CommonRegexJava] (https://github.com/talyssonoc/CommonRegexJava)

[CommonRegexCobra] (https://github.com/PurityLake/CommonRegex-Cobra)

[CommonRegexDart] (https://github.com/aufdemrand/CommonRegexDart)

[CommonRegexRuby] (https://github.com/talyssonoc/CommonRegexRuby)