SamplerBox is a sampler based on RaspberryPi.
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An open-source audio sampler project based on RaspberryPi.



You need a RaspberryPi and a DAC (such as this 6€ one that provides really high-quality sound – please note that without any DAC, the RaspberryPi's built-in soundcard would produce bad sound quality and lag).

  1. Install the required dependencies (Python-related packages and audio libraries):
sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get -y install python-dev python-numpy cython python-smbus portaudio19-dev
git clone ; cd rtmidi-python ; sudo python install ; cd .. 
git clone ; cd pyaudio ; sudo python install ; cd ..
  1. Download SamplerBox and build it with:
git clone ;
cd SamplerBox ; sudo python build_ext --inplace
  1. Run the soft with python

  2. Play some notes on the connected MIDI keyboard, you'll hear some sound!

(Optional) Modify's first lines if you want to change root directory for sample-sets, default soundcard, etc.

How to use it

See the FAQ on


Author : Joseph Ernest (twitter: @JosephErnest, mail:


Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0