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  • Forgot to add a changelog to the previous release


  • Allow setting (optional) came_from value with url parameter
  • Switch to SignedCookieSessionFactory


  • Added success to the login view response, to state whether the login attempt was successful, and whether the user should be considered as logged-in.
  • Added support for the new backgroundColor option, to change the color of the login dialog.


  • Changed the login views and the javascript code to implemente mozilla recommended practices. logout is now called after an error in the login view, and the format of the login view has changed.


  • Made all views not required any permission even if a default permission is set.


  • Depends on pyramid 1.4
  • Added some real docs
  • Added documentation on how to do extra work at login, and made the internal changes for it to work.
  • Added logging in case of failed login.
  • Switched to a AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy so that the login doesn't expire with the session.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause the login to fail when the login route was not at '/login'.


  • Added an example app in demo/.
  • Fixed compatibility with pyramid 1.3.
  • Renamed the setting persona.audience to persona.audiences to match the PyBrowserID API.
  • Added the "persona.verifier" setting to change the verifier.
  • Added various settings to customize the login dialog.
  • Compatibility with python 3.


  • Initial version