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Command line utility and lib to interact with the music website magnatune
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python-magnatune provides a simple command line utility called magnatune that can be used to search the magnatune database and get the streaming urls.

For example, to get all the albums from Curl

magnatune --artist Curl

To get the streaming urls of all songs from Curl

magnatune --artist Curl --stream

The result can be user with mpc, for example to add all those songs to mpd

magnatune --artist Curl --stream | mpc add

If you have a subscription login and want to hear the music without ads, you can use it

magnatune --artist Curl --login login:passwd --stream

You can also download albums. This will download all the albums of curl, and extract them to the current dir

magnatune --artist Curl --login login:passwd --download --dlformat ogg --extract

Of course, there is a short version. With the login and dlformat set in my config file, I just do

magnatune -a Curl -de


python-magnatune requires python 3. I strongly recommend that you use virtualenv. With virtualenv installed, you can install python-magnatune by doing

pip install magnatune

To work with the development version, clone the repository at and do

pip install -e .

Config file

python-magnatune looks for default values of all arguments in the config file ~/.config/python-magnatune/config.ini. See config.ini.example for more information.


The source code is available on github.

If you notice a bug or have a request, please file a report


Author:Georges Dubus (madjar)
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