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πŸ“š JanusVR Unofficial Guidebook:

Collection of new and old documentation for JanusVR.

Work in progress to convert HTML docs to markdown so the community can help maintain and improve it.

Table of Contents:

πŸ”§ Build: Create immersive worlds with JML

  • Assets - List of assets that can be used throughout a web space
  • Javascript - Overview of the scripting compatible with janus native
  • Rooms - Section of JML that declares how assets appear in the web space
  • Server - Server API for the networking layer (WIP)

πŸ““ Guides: Useful tutorials made by the community

  • Unity to JanusVR - Guide on exporting unity scenes to webvr compatible JML
  • Vesta Basics - Tutorial on how to use Vesta with native client editor
  • Collision Meshes - How to create your own collision mesh for use in janusweb

πŸ—» JanusWeb: Web framework for building interconnected 3D experiences

  • Demo - Walk through the Vesta frontpage in a procedural 3D world
  • Vesta - Social network for people to build and share WebVR content
  • Examples - Download example janusweb files locally
  • Wiki - The janusweb wiki located on the Github repo
  • Custom Components - The current collection of ready to use janusweb custom components

πŸ“Œ Useful links

✏️ To do

  • install / download page
  • use the program (controls)
  • overview of current feature set
  • main background image
  • collapsable sidebar menus
  • update all the pictures
  • cover missing features
  • add more information about light / shadow in a blog
  • add links to demos of examples for people to experiment
  • spicy tutorials with links to the 'ingredients' in recipe
  • test frameworks to autogen beautiful themed documentation sites