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docker plateform to have thingml install
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ThingML Editor embedded on docker

Docker hub

Thingml repository

🔷 Purpose

Have an easy deployment environment in order to install and use ThingML throught docker.

🔷 Installation

by cloning

git clone
cd thingmleditor

throught docker hub

mkdir thingml
docker pull madkira/thingmleditor

🔷 Run

make sure that you have environment variable DISPLAY defined and to have the right access

xhost +si:localuser:$USER

with the script

cd [path_where_you_clone]/thingmleditor

directly with the commandline

docker run -ti --rm -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v [path_where_you_clone]/thingml:/home/developer -v [path_where_you_clone]:/workspace madkira/thingmleditor

🔷 More

Visit to find out more about ThingML !

ThingML is released under OSI-compliant Apache 2.0 license

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