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/* crc.h -- Generic CRC calculations
* Copyright (C) 2014, 2016 Mark Adler
* For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in crcany.c.
#ifndef _CRC_H_
#define _CRC_H_
#include "model.h"
/* Run buf[0..len-1] through the CRC described in model. If buf is NULL, then
return the initial CRC for this model. This allows for the calculation of a
CRC in pieces, but the first call must be with crc equal to the initial
value for this CRC model. crc_bitwise() must only be used for model->width
less than or equal to WORDBITS. Otherwise use crc_bitwise_dbl().
This routine and all of the crc routines here can process the data a chunk
at a time. For example, this will calculate the CRC of the sequence chunk1,
chunk2, and chunk3:
word_t crc;
crc = crc_bitwise(model, 0, NULL, 0);
crc = crc_bitwise(model, crc, chunk1, len1);
crc = crc_bitwise(model, crc, chunk2, len2);
crc = crc_bitwise(model, crc, chunk3, len3);
The final value of crc is the CRC of the chunks in sequence. The first call
of crc_bitwise() gets the initial CRC value for this model.
word_t crc_bitwise(model_t *, word_t, void const *, size_t);
/* Fill in the 256-entry table in model with the CRC of the bytes 0..255, for a
byte-wise calculation of the given CRC model. The table value is the
internal CRC register contents after processing the byte. If not reflected
and the CRC width is less than 8, then the CRC is pre-shifted left to the
high end of the low 8 bits so that the incoming byte can be exclusive-ored
directly into a shifted CRC. */
void crc_table_bytewise(model_t *);
/* Equivalent to crc_bitwise(), but use a faster byte-wise table-based
approach. This assumes that model->table_byte has been initialized using
crc_table_bytewise(). */
word_t crc_bytewise(model_t *, word_t, void const *, size_t);
/* Fill in the tables for a word-wise CRC calculation. This also fills in the
byte-wise table since that is needed for the word-wise calculation.
The entry in table_word[n][k] is the CRC register contents for the sequence
of bytes: k followed by n zero bytes. For non-reflected CRCs, the CRC is
shifted up to the top of the word. The CRC is byte-swapped if necessary so
that the first byte of the CRC to be shifted out is in the same place in the
word_t as the first byte that comes from memory.
If model->ref is true and the machine is little-endian, then table_word[0]
is the same as table_byte. In that case, the two could be combined,
reducing the total size of the tables. This is also true if model->ref is
false, the machine is big-endian, and model->width is equal to WORDBITS. */
void crc_table_wordwise(model_t *);
/* Equivalent to crc_bitwise(), but use an even faster word-wise table-based
approach. This assumes that model->table_byte and model->table_word have
been initialized using crc_table_wordwise(). */
word_t crc_wordwise(model_t *, word_t, void const *, size_t);