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/* crcdbl.h -- Generic bit-wise CRC calculation for a double-wide CRC
* Copyright (C) 2014, 2016 Mark Adler
* For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in crcany.c.
#ifndef _CRCDBL_H_
#define _CRCDBL_H_
#include "model.h"
/* Similar to crc_bitwise(), but works for CRCs up to twice as long as a
word_t. This processes long CRCs stored in two word_t values, *crc_hi and
*crc_lo. The final CRC is returned in *crc_hi and *crc_lo. If buf is NULL,
then return the initial CRC for this model. This allows for the calculation
of a CRC in pieces, but the first call must be with the initial value for
this CRC model. This calls crc_bitwise() for short CRC models. For long
CRC models, this does the same thing crc_bitwise() does, but with the shift
and exclusive-or operations extended across two word_t's.
An example to compute the CRC of three chunks in sequence:
word_t hi, lo;
crc_bitwise_dbl(model, &hi, &lo, NULL, 0);
crc_bitwise_dbl(model, &hi, &lo, chunk1, len1);
crc_bitwise_dbl(model, &hi, &lo, chunk2, len2);
crc_bitwise_dbl(model, &hi, &lo, chunk3, len3);
The CRC of the sequence is left in hi, lo.
void crc_bitwise_dbl(model_t *, word_t *, word_t *,
unsigned char const *, size_t);