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Move common code to model.c and permit negative numbers.

A large amount of duplicated code in crcany.c and mincrc.c was
moved to model.h and model.c. This facilitated enhancing that
common code to permit negative numbers on the input. Now values
like 0xffffffff can be represented as -1 instead. mincrc.c was
updated to make use of negative when it makes the output smaller.
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1 parent 43e39f0 commit f29078a86aecf1afd090a6b79df296b647b6b445 @madler committed Jul 15, 2016
Showing with 757 additions and 1,061 deletions.
  1. +10 −584 crcany.c
  2. +108 −477 mincrc.c
  3. +482 −0 model.c
  4. +157 −0 model.h
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