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CFLAGS=-O3 -Wall -Wextra
pigz: pigz.o yarn.o
$(CC) -o pigz pigz.o yarn.o -lpthread -lz
ln -f pigz unpigz
pigz.o: pigz.c yarn.h
yarn.o: yarn.c yarn.h
dev: pigz pigzt pigzn
pigzt: pigzt.o yarnt.o
$(CC) -o pigzt pigzt.o yarnt.o -lpthread -lz
pigzt.o: pigz.c yarn.h
$(CC) -Wall -O3 -DDEBUG -g -c -o pigzt.o pigz.c
yarnt.o: yarn.c yarn.h
$(CC) -Wall -O3 -DDEBUG -g -c -o yarnt.o yarn.c
pigzn: pigzn.o
$(CC) -o pigzn pigzn.o -lz
pigzn.o: pigz.c
$(CC) -Wall -O3 -DDEBUG -DNOTHREAD -g -c -o pigzn.o pigz.c
test: pigz
./pigz -kf pigz.c ; ./pigz -t pigz.c.gz
./pigz -kfb 32 pigz.c ; ./pigz -t pigz.c.gz
./pigz -kfp 1 pigz.c ; ./pigz -t pigz.c.gz
./pigz -kfz pigz.c ; ./pigz -t pigz.c.zz
./pigz -kfK pigz.c ; ./pigz -t
printf "" | ./pigz -cdf | wc -c | test `cat` -eq 0
printf "x" | ./pigz -cdf | wc -c | test `cat` -eq 1
printf "xy" | ./pigz -cdf | wc -c | test `cat` -eq 2
printf "xyz" | ./pigz -cdf | wc -c | test `cat` -eq 3
(printf "w" | gzip ; printf "x") | ./pigz -cdf | wc -c | test `cat` -eq 2
(printf "w" | gzip ; printf "xy") | ./pigz -cdf | wc -c | test `cat` -eq 3
(printf "w" | gzip ; printf "xyz") | ./pigz -cdf | wc -c | test `cat` -eq 4
-@if test "`whereis compress | grep /`" != ""; then \
echo 'compress -f < pigz.c | ./unpigz | cmp - pigz.c' ;\
compress -f < pigz.c | ./unpigz | cmp - pigz.c ;\
@rm -f pigz.c.gz pigz.c.zz
tests: dev test
./pigzn -kf pigz.c ; ./pigz -t pigz.c.gz
@rm -f pigz.c.gz
docs: pigz.pdf
pigz.pdf: pigz.1
groff -mandoc -f H -T ps pigz.1 | ps2pdf - pigz.pdf
@rm -f *.o pigz unpigz pigzn pigzt pigz.c.gz pigz.c.zz
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