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Fix install error about missing pc file #8

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syntheticpp commented Mar 18, 2012

.pc file could be out-of-source

madler and others added some commits Jan 30, 2012

@madler madler Avoid the use of the Objective-C reserved name "id". 5dac2aa
@madler madler Include io.h in gzguts.h for Microsoft compilers. 3fb727c
@madler madler Change version number to 7b3f71b
@madler madler Fix problem with ./configure --prefix and gzgetc macro. 98e5787
@madler madler Include gz_header definition when compiling zlib solo. a8d23bb
@madler madler Put gzflags() functionality back in zutil.c.
gzflags() was put in gzwrite.c in order to be compiled exactly the
same as gzprintf(), so that it was guaranteed to return the correct
information.  However that causes a static linkage to zlib to bring
in many routines that are often not used.  All that is required to
duplicate the compilation environment of gzprintf() is to include
gzguts.h.  So that is now done in zutil.c to assure that the correct
flags are returned.
@madler madler Avoid library header include in crc32.c for Z_SOLO.
crc32.c was #including limits.h in order to find a four-byte integer
type.  It was doing this even if Z_SOLO were defined, violating the
intent of Z_SOLO, which is to include no library headers and require
no library functions.  Now crc32.c obeys the intent of Z_SOLO, but
with the downside that crc32() will be slower than when not compiled
with Z_SOLO.  This can be remedied manually by typedefing u4 to a
known four-byte unsigned integer type, and #defining BYFOUR in
@madler madler Use name in GCC_CLASSIC as C compiler for coverage testing, if set.
Apple removed support for gcov in the default gcc compiler chain,
when they moved to llvm.  This can be circumvented in XCode 4.2 by
using the gcc chain with gcc-4.2.  This patch allows setting
GCC_CLASSIC to the name of a real gcc executable (e.g. "gcc-4.2")
to allow coverage testing.
@madler madler Minor cleanup in contrib/minizip/zip.c [Vollant]. fc68b60
@madler madler Update make_vms.com [Zinser]. 9894494
@madler madler Remove unnecessary gzgetc_ function. 1a4ba8c
@madler madler Use optimized byte swap operations for Microsoft and GNU [Snyder]. 7d45cf5
@madler madler Fix minor typo in zlib.h comments [Rześniowiecki]. 75143f8
@madler madler zlib 94acb3c
@madler madler Change version number to 1.2.7. 72e2c8f
@madler madler Don't use built-in byte swaps if compiled solo. 5bbdc12
@madler madler Remove unnecessary include for byte swap built-in [Bosmans]. eee7b9e
@madler madler Expunge gzgetc_ from configuration files. 455adc3
@madler madler Replace use of memmove() with a simple copy for portability.
SunOS 4.1 doesn't have memmove(), and there may be others.  memcpy()
should not be used for overlapping copies, so here a simple copy is
implemented that works for the particular direction of the overlap,
which is where the destination precedes the source.
@madler madler Test for existence of strerror.
SunOS 4.1 claims that it is __STDC__, but it does not have strerror
in string.h.  Instead of using __STDC__, this puts a direct test
for strerror in configure, and uses that information in gzguts.h.
@madler madler Restore gzgetc_ for backward compatibility with 1.2.6. d81e721
@madler Török Edwin Fix build with non-GNU make on Solaris. 6601033
@madler madler Require gcc 4.0 or later on Mac OS X to use the hidden attribute. a75d6ea
@madler madler Include unistd.h for Watcom C. 10fca84
@madler madler Use __WATCOMC__ instead of __WATCOM__. d63c888
@madler madler Update version numbers and year in win32/README-WIN32.txt. 8435052
@madler madler Do not use the visibility attribute if NO_VIZ defined. e6d2a84
@madler madler Improve the detection of no hidden visibility attribute. 3f4339b
@madler madler Avoid using __int64 for gcc or solo compilation. 80f3e39
@madler madler Cast to char * in gzprintf to avoid warnings [Zinser]. 05de38d
@madler madler Fix make_vms.com for VAX [Zinser]. 513dfcc
@madler madler Don't use library or built-in byte swaps.
Using optimized byte swaps reduced portability for no real benefit,
since they are in parts of the code that represent a tiny fraction
of the execution time.  So a simple definition of a byte swap is
now used.
@madler madler Simplify test and use of gcc hidden attribute. dab7531
@madler madler Fix bug in gzclose_w() when gzwrite() fails to allocate memory. 53bfe01
@madler madler Add "x" (O_EXCL) and "e" (O_CLOEXEC) modes support to gzopen(). 755c41d
@madler madler Fix bug in test/minigzip.c for configure --solo. 41a18e1
@madler madler Fix contrib/vstudio project link errors [Mohanathas]. e3ba2a1
@madler madler Make sure that O_EXCL is used portably. 2e04ce0
@madler madler Add ability to choose the builder in make_vms.com [Schweda]. 2cd90d2
@binki @madler binki Add DESTDIR support to mingw32 win32/Makefile.gcc. 9f4d905
@madler madler Avoid warnings when O_CLOEXEC or O_EXCL are not defined. e2abd78
@madler madler Fix comments in win32/Makefile.gcc for proper usage. e076ca8
@madler madler Update copyright years in gzlib.c. 5d5befa
@madler Christoph J. Thompson Allow overriding the default install locations for cmake. f886792
@madler Christoph J. Thompson Generate and install the pkg-config file with cmake. ca6e7a0
@madler Christoph J. Thompson Build both a static and a shared version of zlib with cmake. cd71ef3
@madler Christoph J. Thompson Include version symbols for cmake builds.
Add a version variable so it gets added to the pkg-config file.
@madler Christoph J. Thompson If using cmake with MSVC, add the source directory to the includes.
	modified:   CMakeLists.txt
@madler madler Remove unneeded EXTRA_CFLAGS from win32/Makefile.gcc [Truta]. 142f051
@madler madler Move obsolete emx makefile to old [Truta]. 9c08a82
@madler madler Allow the use of -Wundef when compiling or using zlib. 8dc21b1
@madler madler Avoid the use of the -u option with mktemp. cb1c1a3
@madler madler Repair some damage caused by -Wundef allowance. b18595d
@madler madler Make sure that unistd.h is included before using _LFS64_LARGEFILE. 50a1738
@madler madler Improve inflate() documentation on the use of Z_FINISH. da32fd2
@madler madler Recognize clang as gcc. a3881cc
@madler madler Add gzopen_w() in Windows for wide character path names. dbe0bed
@syntheticpp @madler syntheticpp Rename zconf.h in CMakeLists.txt to move it out of the way. 49b5d79
@syntheticpp @madler syntheticpp Add source directory in CMakeLists.txt for building examples. 2c42538
@madler madler Fix gzopen_w() type and add #include for the type. a1af6e9
@syntheticpp syntheticpp find generated pc file also in build dir e424b29

syntheticpp commented Mar 18, 2012

Sorry wrong branch (master is default)


madler commented Mar 18, 2012


This patch, whatever it is, is huge and hopelessly mixed up with other commits. I can't use it as is.



syntheticpp commented Mar 18, 2012

Yes, I know. It was on the wrong branch, therefore I had closed it.

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