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Release 1.4.1: Release Notes + version changes

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@@ -55,8 +55,7 @@ Papers and Talks
Related Software
-* [`PivotalR`]( - PivotalR also lets
-the user to run the functions of the open-source big-data machine learning
+* [`PivotalR`]( - PivotalR also lets the user run the functions of the open-source big-data machine learning
package `MADlib` directly from R.
* [`PyMADlib`]( - PyMADlib is a python
wrapper for MADlib, which brings you the power and flexibility of python
@@ -8,6 +8,27 @@ A complete list of changes for each release can be obtained by viewing the git
commit history located at
Current list of bugs and issues can be found at
+MADlib v1.4.1
+Release Date: 2013-Dec-13
+Bug Fixes:
+- Fixed problem in Elastic Net for 'binomial' family if an 'integer' column was
+passed for dependent variable instead of a 'boolean' column
+- '*' support in Elastic Net lacked checks for the columns being combined. Now
+we check if the column for '*' is already an array, in which case we don't wrap
+it with an 'array' modifier. If there are multiple columns we check that they
+are of the same numeric type before building an array.
+- Fixed a software regression in Robust Variance, Clustered Variance and
+Marginal Effects for multinomial regression introduced in v1.4 when
+output table name is schema-qualified.
+- We now also support schema-qualified output table prefixes for SVD and PCA.
+- Added warning message when deprecated functions are run. Also added a list of
+deprecated functions in the ReadMe.
+- Added a Markdown Readme along with the text version for better rendering on
MADlib v1.4

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