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Build: Change Greenplum main version from 5.0 to 4.3

Jira: PIVOTAL-88

Changed the default version used for the Greenplum main development
branch (and supporting dev branches) to 4.3. Also changed the current
MADlib version to 0.6dev
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commit 7c0e019bdafc9ac3d1946068648e9fe3316439ff 1 parent e6125f8
Rahul Iyer authored
2  src/config/Version.yml
... ... @@ -1 +1 @@
1   -version: 0.5
  1 +version: 0.6dev
0  src/ports/greenplum/5.0/CMakeLists.txt → src/ports/greenplum/4.3/CMakeLists.txt
File renamed without changes
0  src/ports/greenplum/cmake/FindGreenplum_5_0.cmake → src/ports/greenplum/cmake/FindGreenplum_4_3.cmake
File renamed without changes

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