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End-to-End testing with Geb, Spock & Docker

This repository contains the slides and demo project used for the talk about "E2E testing with Docker+Geb".

Any feedback is very much appreciated, please send it to me :-) Also, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Run the sample

The demo consits of serveral stages in different branches. Each stage is described in the following, please take care for the branch at the begining of each section.

All commands are meant to be run in the context of the demo folder.

Demo 1: WaitFor with Geb

branch: master

Demonstrating the waitFor{} feature of Geb. Find the page tested in demo/animation.html . The Geb script can be found in src/test/groovy/demo/WaitForSample.groovy and can be executed straigt away.

Demo 2: Geb running locally

branch: master

Shows testing a locally running app. You need to run ./gradlew clean build -x test shadowJar to build and ./gradlew run to start the server.

In another console, start the tests with ./gradlew firefoxTest.

Demo 3: Geb Tests executed in container

branch: master

To have the test executed isolated in a docker container that provides the selenium setup including firefox and chrome, the setup is done in docker-compose.yml, DOCKERFILE and build.gradle.

Let it run with

./gradlew e2eTestsDocker -PapplicationAddress=http://app/ -PseleniumAddress=http://localhost:24444/wd/hub

Note that you might need to adjust the application address.

The setup to run this is included as a .gitlab-ci.yml file. But before trying to use it, please read on and really consider to use Testcontainers!

Demo 4: Geb Tests with Testcontainer

branch: localWithTestcontainers

  • Have the app locally running like described in stage "Demo 2".

  • Run the test that uses Testcontainer to spin up the Selenium Container executed with

./gradlew test --tests *AboutSpec*

Demo 5: Full setup in Testcontainer

branch: allWithTestContainers

This contains the setup to package the app into an docker container image and use the docker selenium container to execute the Geb/Selenium tests.

To achieve this, build.gradle has changed to create the image and the spec files contain the code to use Testcontainers.

You can run it locally (after the application jar has been built like shown in Stage Demo 2) with the command: ./gradlew e2eTests

To run it on CI, the gitlab-ci.yml file has been adjusted.


Slides and Demo to the Talk "E2E Tests with Docker and Geb"






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