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What's This?

Bitcards is an Android app for making and playing card games that would normally require a referee.

Bitcards was made as part of bitjam, a game jam where the objective was to make a game that uses only a single, 1-bit pixel.

How does it work

The game rules are written in JavaScript and encoded in QR codes printed on each card and on the game sheet. Players scan a card every time they pick up or draw. Each player has a phone that is networked and tells them when to play or draw.


bitcards-android - Android App bitcards-generator - Desktop app to generate cards and rules sheets bitcards-common - Common code between Android App and Generator


Requires Maven 3.2.3 or below (Android plugin doesn't work with later versions) Requires JDK (maybe 1.6 for certain things like Android signing, seems to be a bug in later versions) Requires Android SDK (maybe 10, maybe any version, I don't really understand how it works)

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