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cl-recaptcha is a simple interconnection between and common-lisp. It can be used for the trivial usage of the recaptcha service.


cl-recaptcha requires cl-ppcre, flexi-streams, jsown and drakma. This library is available via quicklisp.

(ql:quickload :cl-recaptcha)


The simplest way to use cl-recaptcha is to get a public and private key from "". Set the key in cl-recaptcha, insert the needed code in your site and ask cl-recaptcha for verification. All this should look somewhat like this:

(setf cl-recaptcha:*site-key* "your-site-key")
(setf cl-recaptcha:*secret-key* "your-secret-key")

In the source of the page, insert a call to challenge where you want to have your recaptcha inserted.

;; Javascript enabled version


;; Javascript with a noscript tag

Assuming you get your post-vars by (get-post-var "varname") and the ip of the user by (get-ip-address), you can check the validity of the entry of the user by running:

(verify-captcha (get-post-var "g-recaptcha-response") (get-ip-address))

Please note that the ip address is an optional parameter, as it is not required by the recaptcha API call itself.

The verify-captcha function will return T on success and nil on failure. The second value it returns specifies the reason why the challenge was rejected. The result is returned as a list, however the error is usually a single string.