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Respond CMS

Respond 7 is a multi-site, flat-file CMS powered by Angular Latest and Lumen. Sites built using Respond are static, front-end framework agnostic and optimized for exceptional performance.


Version: 7.3.0

Latest updates

  • Set colors and fonts using the new "Customize Theme" UI
  • Disable payments menu from .env
  • Enable top-menu space from .env
  • Support for tax in subscriptions


Updating from 7.2.0

Design Goals

  • Modern application stack: Angular Latest + Laravel
  • Flat File CMS / static HTML site
  • No database
  • Easy installation, no configuration
  • Easy to write plugins
  • Sites as themes
  • Intuitive editing experience
  • Powerful developer features to promote efficiency

Consumer features

  • Fast, easy-to-use app
  • Desktop focused, mobile ready
  • Intuitive editing experience
  • Quick access to common customizations (forms, galleries, etc.)
  • LDAP authentication

Developer features

  • Easy to write plugins
  • Sites as themes
  • Snippets to promote code re-use
  • Static sites lower deployment costs
  • Easy backups and migrations due to flat-file structure
  • Popular frameworks make it easier to build on the CMS
  • Free, open source version
  • Paid premium version includes installation and premium themes (and additional features to be announced)
  • Monthly support options


Angular 5 + Lumen PHP + Static HTML sites. Respond 7 is a responsive CMS that features Bootstrap 3, a complete REST API, templates, plugins, and more.




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