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DSL Overview


Adds a title to search for


Returns a list of titles you wish to search for


Add a feed that will be downloaded and parsed


Returns all of the feeds


Returns the options hash

log.info 'Message'
log.error 'Message'

Returns a logger object that you can use to display error messages to the log

download(url, http_headers = {})

Download the torrent from the URL, and queue it up for download. You can pass a Hash of http headers if required.

filter do |item|
  item.title    #The title from the feed
  item.url     # Usually the link to the torrent

Called for each item that is in the RSS feed.


Attempts to parse out season and episode information out of the RSS item. Returns a Hash:

  :title => 'Name of the Show',
  :series => Series Number,
  :episode => Episode Number,
  :size => Size of download,
  :publish_date => Date the torrent was published
  :high_def => true if the parser thinks the show is in High Definition