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Twitteresce – Get twitter on your mobile!

Please Note: As I don’t own a Nokia device anymore, I’m not supporting this software (hence it not being updated in a while).

Update Twitteresce suffered from the “Twitter-Apocalypse” (tweet ids > 2^32 aren’t handled), so it no longer works.

Twitteresce allows you to access your twitter feed using your mobile phone. All you need is a twitter account, a Java J2ME enabled mobile!

Download Twitteresce 0.9

Or, if your phone supports [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code QR-codes] point it at the image below

Twitteresce QR code

The following phones are known to work:

  • Nokia 6680
  • Nokia N70-1
  • Nokia N73-1
  • Nokia N80
  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia 9300i
  • Sony Ericsson k608i
  • Sony Ericsson k750i
  • Sony Ericsson k800i
  • Sony Ericcson w810i
  • Sony Ericsson P900
  • Sony Ericsson P900i
  • iMate JAMin
  • Motorola ROKR
  • Dopod 838Pro
  • Blackberry 7520
  • Samsung BlackJack
  • LG U8120
  • Samsung A501

If your phone isn’t listed, give it a go any way — then let us know how it goes!

Please note that this software is currently very much in beta, so they are probably (read: are) bugs. If you find any, please post them on http://projects.madpilot.com.au/projects/show/twitteresce


Use you phone’s web browser to browse to this page, then hit the above download link

Alternatively, you can get the .jad file on you phone by pointing you phone at <ahref=“http://tinyurl.com/2b4pfj”>http://tinyurl.com/2b4pfj


You can get the latest source here from GitHub

Known issues

  • Colour contrast is bad on some phones (On Nokias at least)
  • You can exit progress bars by pressing a button, even if they background thread is still running
  • The icon can look a little weird on some phones
  • Messages get truncated if they include an non-ascii character (such as an umlet)


07/11/2007 – 0.9

  • You can now delete your tweets and direct messages
  • Twitter web timeline will display all status updates and direct messages as “from Twitteresce”

01/11/2007 – 0.8

  • Added the required headers to set the “Sent from” field
  • Removed the timestamp as it has never worked correctly
  • Some other small bug fixes

29/04/2007 – 0.7

  • Now displays when a tweet or direct message was posted
  • Fixed issue where multiple updated threads could spawn, making the system update more than it should
  • The tweet and direct message view now remember where you left off

22/04/2007 – 0.6

  • fixes a regression bug which stops Twitteresce from displaying the default view after posting

22/04/2007 – 0.5

  • Auto update doesn’t close post screen when there are new tweets

22/04/2007 – 0.4

  • Closing the app is now the default action rather than exiting
  • Added direct messaging retrieval

20/04/2007 – 0.3

  • Now displays errors correctly
  • Fixed un-handled “IllegalArgumentException Current displayable is an alert” exception
  • Automatic updates should now work correctly
  • Now notifies how many new tweets there are on each refresh

17/04/2007 – 0.2

  • Fixed bug that causes an infinite loop if refresh rate was set to zero

16/04/2007 – 0.1

  • Initial release