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Andrew Puckett adpuckett87
Owner/Founder 8-nines Consulting, LLC

8-nines Consulting, LLC Nashville, TN

Alexander Liffers aliffers

Perth, Western Australia

Angus Hung angusshire

UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Ben Giles benkant
Master of Computing. Formerly Dev Manager at Pin Payments. Then Senior Software Developer at GIS-Pax. Now...


Bunlong VAN Bunlong
Full Stack Software Engineer | Author @themodernjavascript & Co-author @learnreactjs | "I work hard to build tools for humans"

@themodernjavascript Everywhere

Gary McGhee buzzware

Buzzware Solutions Perth, Western Australia

Callum Jones callumj

HotelTonight San Francisco, USA

jawahar csjaba

Webtoday busieness chennai,tamil nadu,india

Cyrus Eftos cyruseftos

Perth, Western Australia

Dominic Pym dompym
Entrepreneur. Technologist. Innovator. Investor. Co-founder of Alt, Ferocia, Pin Payments and Clear Interactive

Alt and @Ferocia and @pinpayments Melbourne

Drew Kerrigan drewkerrigan

@iss-lab Washington D.C. Metro Area

Grant Bissett gbissett

Southern Payment Systems Perth, Australia

Jamey Iaccino JIaccino

Aha! Labs, Inc - Hiring Remote Engineers Anywhere, USA

Jordan Brock jordanbrock

Five Senses Coffee Perth, Western Australia

Jonathan Sansalone JSansalone

Java Development Sao Paulo, Brazil

0.01x Engineer. The Tom of GitHub. Working on taint tracking python

@Yelp I love San Francisco

Levi Buzolic levibuzolic
Melbourne based Software Developer, Designer and Photographer. I'm currently working to make banking better with the amazing people at @Ferocia.

@Ferocia Melbourne, Australia

Ben Maden mattersolben

Matter Solutions Brisbane

Matt Didcoe mattman

Perth, Western Australia

Matt Lambie mlambie
I like Brazilian jiu jitsu, coffee, Lego, comics, knitting, cycling, helicopters, skateboarding and skydiving. Dad, BJJ black belt, CTO at @moneysmartco.

@moneysmartco Singapore and Perth

Earle Castledine mrspeaker
Javascript flâneur, internet flibbertygibbert - O! Mr Speaker!

Mr Speaker Brooklyn, NYC

Drew Robinson ocean
Relentless pursuer of quality. Full stack developer with strong ops leanings. Node.js, PHP, Go, Ansible, Docker, CI, automation. Specialisation is for insects.

Perth, Western Australia

Paul O'Neill pauloneill

insilico Perth, Western Australia

Drew Fustini pdp7
Open Source Hardware designer. Embedded Linux developer.

@OSHPark / @beagleboard / @adafruit Chicago, IL

Philip Hagen philiph

Perth, Western Australia

Darcy Laycock Sutto

Gyde Melbourne, Australia

Thomas Davis thomasdavis
Javascript at @Blockbid

@Blockbid Melbourne, Australia

Tiang Cheng tiang

Not some random person on the inter webs Steve. :)

Tim Oliver TimOliver
Gamer. Developer. Geek. Creator of @iComics and co-founder of @UberGames. Open source all the things! XD

@mercari Perth, Australia + Tokyo, Japan

yoda yoda

Perth, Western Australia