PyPanel is a lightweight panel/taskbar written in Python and C for X11 window managers. It can be easily customized to match any desktop theme or taste. PyPanel works with EWMH compliant WMs.
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PyPanel v2.4 Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Jon Gelo (
Distributed under the GNU General Public License v2, see COPYING for details.
PyPanel is a lightweight panel/taskbar written in Python and C for X11 window
managers.  It can be easily customized to match any desktop theme or taste.
PyPanel works with EWMH compliant WMs.

The panel displays currently running tasks/applications and can also be
configured to display the current desktop name, date/time, a system tray
(notification area) and application launcher.

When the panel is minimized, either manually or by autohide, it can be restored
by moving the mouse over the top or bottom of the screen where the panel was
displayed prior to minimization.

All image rendering (icons and background transparency/tinting) is handled by

Mouse button events on panel objects are handled by the ~/.pypanelrc
configuration file.  The file is a python script which gets imported/executed
when PyPanel is invoked.  Ensure that it contains proper Python formatting and
no syntax errors or the panel will not start!
                        Requirements (Minimum versions)
1. Python v2.2        
2. Python X Library v0.12
3. Imlib2 v1.1.1      
4. libXft v1.0 (optional)

                      Installation (Upgrading) & Starting
1. python install
2. pypanel &
3. If upgrading to 2.x from 1.3, you will need to replace your current 
   ~/.pypanelrc with the new version:
   a. Move your current ~/.pypanelrc to a backup location or backup name
   b. Start PyPanel so a new ~/.pypanelrc is created
   c. Kill the panel process
   d. Merge any changes you wish to keep from your backup config to the
      new version

PyPanel installs the following files -

1. /usr/bin/pypanel (may be in /usr/local/bin or other depending on system)
2. <path to your Python library>/site-packages/ (.sl)
3. <path to your Python library>/site-packages/pypanel/
4. ~/.pypanelrc

1. Configuration is handled via the ~/.pypanelrc python script, it's
   executed when PyPanel is started.
2. If the level of customization from the config script isn't enough, hack
   the PyPanel script itself.

                             Contributions & Thanks
1. My sincerest thanks to the many PyPanel users who have shared their ideas,
   suggestions, comments, code snippets and overall support for this project.
2. The default app icon included with this distribution is from the Amaranth
   icon set by Michael Doches.  Available from
3. Original shadowed text and no-task display patches were contributed by
   Johannes Winkelmann.  
Jon Gelo

050626   New features:
v2.4        Shadowed text
            Ability to disable the task display
         Bug fixes:
            Fix for wmhint icons with icon mask > maxint (eg AleVT)
            Fix when reading the class name of apps that don't set class name
            Race condition for destroyed task - drawing its wmhints icon
         New config options:
            SHADOWS                : Enable text shadows
            TASK_SHADOW_COLOR      : Normal task shadow color
            FOCUSED_SHADOW_COLOR   : Focused task shadow color
            SHADED_SHADOW_COLOR    : Shaded task shadow color
            MINIMIZED_SHADOW_COLOR : Minimized task shadow color
            DESKTOP_SHADOW_COLOR   : Desktop name shadow color
            CLOCK_SHADOW_COLOR     : Clock name shadow color
050510   New features:
v2.3        Improved support for Fluxbox, Blackbox, XFWM4 and Enlightenment
            Ability to customize individual app icons
            Added an Application Launcher
            Added a check to enforce only one running instance of the panel
            Option for the panel to stay above or below other apps (ABOVE)
         Bug fixes:
            Clock updates 
            Several system tray and performance improvements
         New config options:
            ABOVE         : Panel is above or below other apps
            APPL_I_WIDTH  : Application launcher icon width
            APPL_I_HEIGHT : Application launcher icon height 
            ICON_LIST     : List of custom icons for specific apps
            LAUNCHER      : To enable and position the application launcher
            LAUNCH_LIST   : List of executables and their icons
            TRAY_I_WIDTH  : Can now be set to 0 to allow app specific size
050206 v2.2   - New features/options:
                Read config from /etc/pypanelrc first if it exists
                Option to show only minimized/iconified apps (SHOWMINIMIZED)
                Option to show a border around the panel (SHOWBORDER)
                Option to set the minimized panel size (HIDDEN_SIZE)
                Added panelButtonEvent() to handle button events on empty panel
                Bug fixes:
                Removed legacy WindowMaker support, it's now EWMH capable
                Fixed to gather correct compile/link arguments
                Added a workaround for failing Imlib2 image loaders
040926 v2.0   - New features/options:
                Now using Imlib2 for all image rendering
                Panel background tinting using BG_COLOR
                Show desktop function (EWMH only)
                Show apps from all desktops
                EWMH task ordering (oldest to newest, left to right)
                Support for XFWM4
                Autohiding (AUTOHIDE)
                Minimized panel now restored by moving mouse over the top or
                bottom of the screen where the panel was displayed
                Ability to define the clock update interval (CLOCK_DELAY)
                Ability to define each desktop's name (DESKTOP_NAMES)
                Ability to define a custom default app icon (ICON)
                Bug fixes:
                Clock overwriting 
                Font/text display issues
                Background change garbled panel text
040719 v1.3   - Added a System Tray
                More flexibility for the panel layout
                Tweaked the config
                Fixed a bug with font handling
040328 v1.2   - Ability to change the color of focused tasks (FOCUSED_COLOR)
                Added taskFocus() method for button events which allows
                tasks which aren't focused to become focused else it toggles
                the tasks minimization.
                Decreased the amount of time between clock updates when idle.
                Bug fixes:
                Crash with certain panel size/dimension settings
                Unnecessary task refreshing caused flashing/blinking                
040218 v1.1   - Bug fixes:
                Broken hide list
                Exception during get_wm_state
040131 v1.0   - Xft support
                Ability to minimize the panel (toggleHidden)
                Ability to hide certain apps (HIDE_LIST)
                Removed the SHOWALL option
                Numerous bug fixes and optimizations
031109 v0.9   - Clock support
                Customizable button event handling 
                Ability to place the workspace name/clock on right/left
                Vertical line seperators can be turned off
                Bug fixes:
                Background change or restart sometimes killed panel
                Sending task to another desktop didn't update correctly
031012 v0.8   - Create ~/.pypanelrc if it doesn't exist
                Raise & focus a task via middle mouse click
                Workspace switching via clicks/scroll on the workspace name
031009 v0.7.1 - Bug fixes:
                Strut and visible name hints
                Icons with no/invalid masks
                Tasks with no name                
031004 v0.7   - OpenBox3 support
                Window shading/unshading via right mouse click
                Config option for panel width, x position and top/bottom
                Config option for displaying all tasks or just minimized
030927 v0.6   - Added EWMH support (Kahakai and PekWM) 
030921 v0.5   - Initial Beta release