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This is the blog of Anders Ytterström, written in Swedish.


This site is built with Metalsmith. It is hosted on


Asuming you have Node.js installed on your system, you can install all the necessary packages running

npm install

Building the site

The preferred method of building this site is to use the serve npm script, since it will keep all building steps down to an oneliner:

npm run serve

This will fire up this site on http://localhost:1337 and will rebuild automatically every time you save your writings to disk. This will also let you share your work by sending http://<your_public_ip>:1337 to your coworkers or proof-readers.

If you prefer to stick inside your favorite markdown editor (ours is Mou) and do not depend on builds to preview your writing, you can build on-demand as well.

npm run build


New posts and changes to the site are published by adding the production server as a git remote and push the master branch to it.

npm run release

Every time this is done, the site is rebuild using npm run build on the production server.

Please note that credentials for the production environment is required to do this.


  • Migrate assets to Metalsmith as well - no need to use Amazon S3 anymore.
  • Images and figures do not scale in size.
  • Iframes (Youtube clips and such) are not middle-aligned in posts.
  • Make scroll bounces (on macs and phones) be the header and footer color instead of black/white.
  • Set cache headers.
  • Refactor CSS to remove CSSLint warnings.
  • Add JavaScript to enchance tables (row sort, filter rows).
  • Refactor CSS to remove unused parts in Normalise and Typebase.
  • test hilight.js - make sure it works or remove it.