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A port of creditcard_js to underscore.js

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This was extracted from

This version requires underscore.js. It was ported from the
version that uses the Prototype JavaScript framework.

CreditCard.validate('1111 2222 3333 4444') -> true/false
  the given string is automatically stripped of whitespace, so it can be
  plugged directly into form validations

The following things are tested:
  1. does the luhn validation code add up? (see
  2. does the number range and length seem right? (see
  3. is it one of several well-known test numbers?

Card identification via CreditCard.type(string) -> "Visa", "MasterCard", etc.
Also, CreditCard.isVisa(string) -> true/false (works for all cards given in CARDS)

Be sure to adapt the CARDS array to the credit cards you accept.
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