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@@ -123,6 +123,18 @@ If you only want _some_ shortcuts to work while in a input element, you change t
key.filter function; however a more robust way to handle this is to use proper
focus and blur event handlers on your input element, and change scopes there as you see fit.
+## noConflict mode
+You can call ```key.noConflict``` to remove the ```key``` function from global scope and restore whatever ```key``` was defined to before Keymaster was loaded. Calling ```key.noConflict``` will return the Keymaster ```key``` function.
+var k = key.noConflict();
+k('a', function() { /* ... */ });
+// --> TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function
## Notes
Keymaster should work with any browser that fires `keyup` and `keydown` events,

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