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v0.1.4 (2011/07/30)

  • Fixed a bug with numeric values, such as opacity
  • Ensured Morf tidies up after itself when using native transitions. Otherwise future CSS changes might be unexpectedly animated
  • Working out the initial CSS state now uses window.getComputedStyle() to take into account any styling applied by external CSS stylesheets
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the webkitAnimationEnd listener being removed as it was being accidentally defined in global scope
  • Callback function now passes back the original element as a parameter
  • Disabled the caching as it doesn't appear to be working 100% as expected

v0.1.3 (2011/07/27)

  • Added a cache to keep track of generated animations to reduce CPU usage for repeated transition effects
  • Improved the efficiency of the setup loop

v0.1.2 (2011/07/20)

  • Added a callback to the config options as an alternative to listening for webkitTransitionEnd
  • Updated Shifty.js to 0.4.1

v0.1.1 (2011/07/15)

  • Fixed binding issue with webkitAnimationEnd event
  • Updated Shifty.js to 0.2.0

v0.1 (2011/06/11)

  • Initial Commit