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There is a problem with S2.FX.Parallel that it doesnt invoke methods on aggregated effects like start() or cancel(), so its callbacks wont be executed. Whats more, effects can even not be completed, since cancel() is not called, which causes teardown() to not be called.

I believe those are two methods that have to be called on sub-effects to make them fully functional (start() marks effects as "running" as cancel() wont take any effect if status is not "running") - i dont see any need to call finish() on sub-effects (but if it would be needed, then canel() should not be called - only one of them should be called by parallel aggregator).
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2 parents 72c0abc + 2c0b34b commit a65396e1a1ab5ff5e31b8c9c2c6e6feced3dadd8 @madrobby committed Apr 18, 2011
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  1. +10 −0 src/effects/parallel.js
@@ -55,5 +55,15 @@ S2.FX.Parallel = Class.create(S2.FX.Base, {
update: function(position) {
this.effects.invoke('update', position);
+ },
+ cancel: function($super, after) {
+ $super(after);
+ this.effects.invoke('cancel', after);
+ },
+ start: function($super) {
+ $super();
+ this.effects.invoke('start');

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