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Wishing to add autocomplete support on the new HTML5 input types, like email, tel, ..., I realized that it's blocked to "text" types so far :

I guess the main goal being to avoid "submit" types right? Would you consider the following selector input:not([type="submit"]) proper as a replacement ?

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  • Sébastien Grosjean - ZenCocoon

Not only that - you would have to exclude also "reset", "hidden", "radio", "checkbox", "button" and probably some other types also.


That's a good point, there's actually way more that would not make sense (datetime, range, ...), thanks for pointing that out.

It's then better to pick only the potential ones then.
What would you think of allowing the following types : text, email, tel, url, search


I think this is exacly what we need.


The following selector works but wonder if something cleaner would exist ?


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