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Fixed invalid quoting characters which were causing XML syntax error.

@rafalwrzeszcz rafalwrzeszcz commented on the diff Oct 13, 2011
@@ -231,7 +231,8 @@
var span = new Element('span', { 'class': 'ui-button-text' });
// Even an empty text element (e.g., for icon-only buttons) needs to
// have at least one character of text to force proper alignment.
- span.update(text || " ");
+ // Be careful - UTF-8 character here!
+ span.update(text || " ");
rafalwrzeszcz Oct 13, 2011 Contributor

This on is subject of another pull request, but infortunately I have that already in my master.


@rafalwrzeszcz, unfortunately looks like your 5 pull requests have fallen on deaf ears, do you have a fork with all your pull requests in one singular version?


@devinrhode2 No, unfortunately not - i removed this repository once. Now don't have access to my machine to merge them all - feel free to create own form and merge them manually (remember that you can download path for given PR by adding .diff to PR URL).

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