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textorize produces beautifully sub-pixel-antialiased text graphics on OS X. Output format is always PNG.
View the presentation on why this is awesome and how it compares:
Install the gem and binary by doing:
$ gem sources -a
$ sudo gem install madrobby-textorize
Usage: textorize [options] string
-f, --font=[FONT] Font name
-s, --size=[SIZE] Font size in point
-l, --lineheight=[HEIGHT] Line height in point
-w, --width=[WIDTH] Wrapping width in pixels
-o, --output=[FILENAME] Specify filename for saving
-b, --obliqueness=[ANGLE] Slant angle
-c, --color=[COLOR] Render text in specific color
--background=[COLOR] Render background in specific color
-h, --help Display this message and exit
This software is alpha-quality and has some bugs and known issues. Please contribute!
textorize is released under the MIT license.
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