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Zepto.js documentation site

Site is built with Jekyll, where each Zepto method is a Jekyll "post". They each render to individual files, but they don't matter because the docs are all compiled in one page (index.html).

Jekyll categories correspond to Zepto modules, e.g. "ajax" and "event". The exception is the "changelog" category, which contains release notes.

The site can be built with:

$ jekyll
$ open public/index.html

Faster building & rebuilding

The jekyll command to rebuild the site can be slow because of syntax highlighting with Albino. There is an executable which uses a fork of Jekyll that uses Pygments.rb and is thus faster:

# check if you have necessary gems installed
$ script/doctor

# faster rebuild!
$ script/jekyll [<file>, [<file2>, ...]]

For quicker rebuilding of the site, you can start up Guard:

$ script/doctor    # check dependencies
$ script/guard     # live rebuilding of the site!

Guard will use Jekyll to rebuild parts of the site as individual files change.

Because the site is rendered to "public/" directory, Pow can be configured to serve it:

# while in repo's root dir:
$ ln -s `pwd` ~/.pow/zepto
$ open

To have your desktop browser automatically reload after changes, install the LiveReload browser extension, open "" and enable LiveReload in the browser (usually via button added by the extension) while Guard is running.

iOS clients are automatically configured with this functionality (no browser plugin needed) when running locally.

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