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@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ Checklist for submitting patches:
* Small bug fixes can go in right away.
* Always, always, always update the tests. All tests must pass.
* Write concise code.
-* Adhere to the Zepto coding style rules (see below)
+* Please adhere to the Zepto code style guide (see below)
* Don't add more than one feature or bug fix per pull request.
* Run `rake whitespace` to clean up whitespace in code & tests
* Use Github's pull request system to submit patches
@@ -423,9 +423,8 @@ Remember to have fun!
# Code style guide
-We're opinionated about code and, for the ease of understanding and use for the core team, we're enforcing
-the following style rules—please make sure to adhere to these rules when submitting code!
+These are the style guidelines:
* Use `function name() { }` for named functions
* Use `function(){ }` for anonymous functions
* Don't use curly braces for single-line statements with `if` and friends

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