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Documentation update to reflect new methods and their signatures.

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@@ -56,9 +56,13 @@ Context and .find calls are equivalent:
closest('selector'): find the first matching element by going upwards starting from the current element
parents('selector'): get all ancestors of elements in collection, optionally filtered by a selector
parent(): immediate parent node of each element in collection
+ children('selector'): immediate children of each element in collection, optionally filtered by a selector
+ siblings('selector'): elements that share the same immediate parent (siblings) of each element in collection, optionally filtered by a selector
next(): next siblings
prev(): previous siblings
is('selector'): returns true/false if first element matches the selector
+ not('selector'): remove elements matching 'selector' from the current collection
+ not(function(index){return true / false;}): remove elements from current collection if the callback method returns `true`
remove(): remove element
@@ -78,6 +82,7 @@ Context and .find calls are equivalent:
attr('attribute'): get element attribute
attr('attribute', 'value'): set element attribute
+ attr('attribute', function(index, oldAttr){ return ...; }): set the value of 'attribute' from a method, for each element in collection
css('css property', 'value'): set a CSS property
css({ property1: value1, property2: value2 }): set multiple CSS properties
@@ -103,8 +108,9 @@ Context and .find calls are equivalent:
return property for each element
e.g. pluck('innerHTML') returns an array of all innerHTML properties of all elements found
- anim(transform, opacity, duration):
- use -webkit-transform/opacity and do an animation
+ anim(transform, opacity, duration, callback):
+ use -webkit-transform/opacity and do an animation,
+ optionally supply a callback method to be executed after the animation is complete
= Utility functions:

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